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Established 1978

a branch of
Peter Morton Academy of Judo JuJitsu Karate Inc
Established 1962


photo Soke Sugita

Soke Sugita, Jishukan's Founder, studied under one of the great masters of the classical martial arts, Master Serito. He received direct training from Master Saito in Jujitsu-Kempo, Hai a na wa (the rope technique) and jojitsu (the stick art). At the age of thirteen he was granted an honourable certificate and went on to train at the Kodokan Takohasti Dojo, the Shiroken Dojo and the Kitoro Kodokan before going on a pilgrimage to many places searching for new instructors and new methods. Soke Sugita, Judan (10th Dan) initiated the Jishukan Ryu Dojo in Kanazawa, Tokohama in 1947. He retired from active instruction in early 1980 and assisted in the Jishukan clinic until his death in 1982.

photo Shihan Morton

Shihan Peter Morton, our founder and principal, began studying Kodohan Judo in 1946, before being instructed in Australian Jujitsu from 1952. In 1958 Shihan Morton, Sichidan (7th Dan) opened his own Jujitsu school, and in 1960 affiliated with Jishukan Honbu. In 1980 Shihan Morton was graded 6th Dan Black Belt at the headquarters of Jishukan Honbu in Japan by the principal and founder, Soke Shuho Sugita. After the grading Master Sugita adopted Shihan Morton as his son, Yu-Ho, wishing for him to carry on in his footsteps. After Soke Sugita's death, his successor changed the style of Jishukan Honbu to a more karate-based style. In 1983 the Queanbeyan club and its branches severed affiliations with Jishukan Honbu, choosing to maintain the classical style of master Sugita, and in 1996 in Honour of Shihan Morton the school became known as "the Peter Morton academy of self defence".