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Established 1978

a branch of
Peter Morton Academy of Judo JuJitsu Karate Inc
Established 1962

The Academy

The Peter Morton Academy of Judo Jujitsu Karate is designed for people of all ages. It is a discipline that emphasises mental, physical and emotional development.

Concentration, confidence and self control are developed through the study of the art. Physical fitness, flexibility, co-ordination, and endurance are improved through training. Negative emotions such as fear, anger, and anxiety are controlled through constant practice.

Translated, Jujitsu means 'gentle art'. It was developed to meet the needs of a constantly warring feudal society and to give warriors an unarmed system of fighting to combine with, and complement their weapons based systems on the battlefield.

Jujitsu incorporates methods of offence from Japanese Atemi, or striking techniques, as well as defensive movements. It features an assorted mix of strikes, blocks, evasive manoeuvres, grappling, imobilisation & joint locks, choking and strangulation, application of pressure points, dislocation techniques, throwing & breakfalls.

Emphasis is on defence. A majority of the techniques taught uses the force of the attacker to the defenders advantage. These defensive strategies aim to initially evade, then to disable attackers and finally immobilise them.

Classed are conducted in a friendly semi-formal environment. Instructors donate their time freely and only charge fees to cover the running costs of the clubs. Students are encouraged to develop themselves as individuals, not champions.

"Be Master of Yourself"

Hughes Branch Black Belts

Renshi Kevin Barrie, Yondan (4th Dan) began instructing in Yarralumla in 1974, before opening the Hughes Branch in 1978. Renshi Barrie Began studying under Shihan Morton in 1963 in the Queanbeyan Branch, where he quickly gained respect. Renshi Barrie gained his 1st Dan accreditation in 1977, and went on to take up the position of Vice-Principal of the club, holding it until his retirement in 1992.

We have had seven of our students go on to gain their Black Belts: Simone Witchard, Caroline Webber, Simon MacNab, David Tuckfield. Damon Taylor, Sam Arnold (originally Godwin) and Kris Arnold have added to list of black belts successfully gaining their Black Belts.

Sensei Simone Wichard, Shodan (1st Dan), retired from training not long after gaining her black belt due to family commitments.

Sensei Caroline Webber, Nidan (2nd Dan) Started training in 1979 and gained her black belt along with Shihan MacNab in 1989. She ran the Junior Classes at Hughes when Renchi Barrie retired in 1992, untill she decided to move to England with her family in 1994.

Shihan MacNab, Rokudan (6th Dan), started training at the Hughes branch in 1981, started teaching as a blue belt in 1983 and gained his black belt in 1989. Shihan MacNab is the Current Chief Instructor of the Senior Classes.

Shihan Tuckfield, Rokudan (6th Dan), started training at the Hughes branch, in 1984, started teaching as a blue belt in 1986, and achieved his black belt in 1991. Renshi Tuckfield took over the running of the Junior Classes in 1994, when Sensei Webber left to go to England. He is the current Chief Instructor of the Junior Classes.

Sensei Damon Taylor Nidan (2nd Dan), started Training as a Junior at Hughes at the age of 8. He moved to Sydney just after gaining his Senior Brown Belt in 2000. Unfortunately there were no branches in Sydney, so he was unable to train for his Black Belt. There were a few other students from Hughes that had also moved to Sydney and they got together to continue their training. He started up his own club Castlecove in Sydney with the assistance of Jennifer Thomas who was a Black Belt from the Port Macquarie branch. This lead to his long 18 months of travelling down to Canberra 3 times a week for Black Belt training. A feat not to be ignored. He has now successfully obtained his Black belt in 2008, and is running the Lane Cove branch in Sydney. He is also taken on the position of Academy Registrar for the Academy.

Sensei Sam Arnold (originally Godwin), Nidan (2nd Dan), started her training in 1999 with one of her sisters. Almost all of Sams family have gone through the Academy at different stages before her, including her father, her older brothers and an older sister, all achieving different grades, but not quite getting to black belt. Her sister dropped out not long after gaining their orange belts, but Sam continued with her future husband and training partner, Kris and successfully gained her black belt in 2009. She was the Academy's Secretary for 2009-2010. She has been taking a break from training and teaching due to the birth of her first Child Dean. We hope to see her back at training soon.

Sensei Kris Arnold Nidan (2nd Dan), started training in 2000, and partnered his future wife, Sam for the following 8 years through all the Kyu belts. Their dedication and hard work showed during their brown belt grading, proving to be the sharpest and most efficient brown belt grading that had been seen for many years. Towards the end of his black belt training, Kris sustained a severe knee injury and was unable to grade with the rest of his class. Just over twelve months of rehabilitation later he successfully graded to his black belt in early 2010. His grading was so good that he was asked to assist in training the next black belt class. He has also been training in Brazilian JuJitsu, (a ground grappling style) and is looking at how to incorporate some of the moves into our current training sessions to help us with our grappling techniques.