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Established 1978

a branch of
Peter Morton Academy of Judo JuJitsu Karate Inc
Established 1962

Hughes Branch

School Hall
Hughes Primary School
Kent St
Hughes ACT 2605

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Wednesday nights

Juniors (7 to 14 years) 6.30pm to 7.30pm school terms only
Seniors (14 years up) 7.30pm to 9.00pm

Training camps are held annually, for students to meet other members from different branches.


Current Charges for the Hughes Branch are:

· $50.00 a term for Juniors, and $30 for extra siblings
· $100.00 a term for Seniors
· $65.00 for Senior students or unemployed

This charge covers annual membership to the Academy, Insurance and grading fees.

A Judo Gi is required once you achieve a Yellow Belt, these can be obtained from either the instructor of your branch or from a Martial Arts Shop for around $55.00. You can purchase them second hand, from second hand dealers or by looking in the local newspapers


Shihan MacNab on 0402 128 284
Shihan Tuckfield on 0402 94 6999,
for further information.

Alternatively please feel free to come and watch a Wednesday night session.

More information

When you choose to learn a Martial Art, you must select carefully to suit your needs, desires, body type, and mentality.

The Peter Morton academy of judo jujitsu karate is designed for people of all ages. It is a discipline that emphasises mental, physical and emotional development. Concentration, confidence and self control are developed through the study of the art. Physical fitness, flexibility, coordination, and endurance are improved through training. Negative emotions such as fear, anger, and anxiety are controlled through constant practice. Our art should only be studied by those wishing to develop themselves as individuals, not champions.

Potential students will notice that classes are held in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Discipline is maintained by the Instructors who have gained the respect of their students through their knowledge and skills.