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December 2005: Hughes contribution to Annual Academy newsletter

Another eventful year for Hughes – and we’ve a trophy or two to show for it! But we’ll get to that a bit later. Hughes is about more than trophies – we’re about teaching eager minds how to protect and defend themselves, and 2005 has definitely been a success. This year has been particularly different with Renshi Tuck running the branch without Renshi Maca for most of year

The Junior Class has been moving in leaps and bounds with more than 25 kids on the books and roughly 20 showing up each week. We currently have three levels of white belts, two levels of yellow belts, a few orange belts and two green belts. The class is now so large and dynamic that we’re looking at running 2 gradings next year, rather than just the usual end of the year grading. There will be a number of kids grading at the end of the year, but unfortunately some kids have been away for a number of training sessions, or have just started too late into this year which means they will not be quite ready. They shouldn’t despair as we will be holding another grading sometime in the first or second term of next year, depending on how hard they work in that first term. It was very difficult to decided on who got which awards this year, as there are some very close contenders.

Junior awards handed out this year.
Excellence in Tsuki & Geri Zoe Tuckfield
Excellence in Basic Steps Mickayla DeLaRue
Excellence in Breakfalls Jack Bartlett
Excellence in Techniques Alex McAlister
Most Improved Alexander Fenton
Best Overall Performance Matthew Zeitlhofer

A highlight this year has been the number of dedicated Senior students who have been coming along to the Junior class and helping out with instructing. Thank you very much to Nat, Skye, Chris, Craig, Erin, Dante, Ingrid, Sam and Kris. Tuck really appreciates the help, particularly given he's been running both the Seniors & Juniors on his own for most of year.

Unfortunately we didn’t have many kids make it to the Kaleen Junior Seminar, mainly due to other winter sporting commitments on the Saturday. Zoe, William, and Matthew flew the Hughes banner, and had a great time as usual. They weren’t lucky in the way of being in the winning teams, but they learnt some things whilst having fun, which is the most important thing. Congratulations to Kaleen for running yet another successful seminar. Unfortunately we didn’t have any kids make it to the Junior seminar in Batemans Bay. Hopefully at least one of the Junior seminars next year will be held on a Sunday, and we’ll see more Hughes juniors able to participate.

William, Matthew, Zoe

This year, for the first time, Hughes nominated a worthy, dedicated student for the Leonie Corey Trophy. This has been a conscious choice, due to the significance of the award, and the caliber of nominees. This year there were four nominations from clubs all around the country, congratulations to all the nominees. Matthew Zeitlhofer, a Hughes Junior Green belt, was our inaugural nominee, and also fortunate enough to win this coveted award. Matthew has been with Hughes for 4 years, and has always been an exceptional student, continually giving his best and trying hard with his techniques. An example of his commitment was seen when he wasn’t able to come to training at Hughes on Wednesdays because of another commitment, he went out to train at the Queanbean branch on Monday nights for 6 months. Matthew is happy to help others when asked, and played a major role with helping his younger brother get ready for and pass his yellow belt grading. Matthew has attended at least one Junior seminar each year even though he may only make half the day due to other sporting commitments on Saturdays. Every year he has received an award for some aspect of his training. Congratulations Matthew!


Shihan Eddie presenting award to Mattew and Matthew with instructor Renshi Tuck

Renchi Maca, our CI for the Senior class, decided to take a well deserved 9 month break and move up to Port Maquarie this year. Whilst up there he’s been expanding his martial arts knowledge, including learning a few Hapkido tricks each week, as well as doing some major relaxing! Renchi Maca’s timing is also impeccable, due to the large junior class now attending, we were having a problem with mat space. The day after Tuck mentioned this to Maca, Maca came across 20 extra second hand mats, which fitted in nicely, at a reduced price. Good to be in the right place at the right time. The matts were then transported back to Canberra by Natt & Carol, a big thank you for that!

While Renchi Maca has been in Port Maquarie, he has made a few trips to train with the Coffs Harbour branch, and also managed a couple of cameo appearances back in Canberra. He also makes regular trips to Sydney to train with the Hughes Branch North Shore Training Group – a few of our Sydney-based Hughes students who get together every week to maintain their skills. We’re hoping students from ANY branch who move to Sydney will join the group for weekly training in North Sydney, and perhaps traveling Black belts may also drop in to offer some guidance.

Our Senior class is a rather nice size of about 15, with almost half of them ring-ins from other clubs. We do appreciate our ring-ins though, as most come to help out with the Junior class before staying on to do the Senior training. The Hughes Students are all very dedicated - we’ve picked up a few new students, seen the return of some old ones, and also seen the commitment of our Sydney-based students! Craig has returned to training as a blue belt, after an absence of about 10 years - nice to see him back ?. The Blue belts Kris, Sam, Skye and Nat are all starting to get in to the swing of things in preparation for their attempt on the Brown belt. It has been stressed that they must complete the entire grading to the highest standard, and each is doing other training and fitness training outside of normal lessons. Ingrid has been working on her focus & breathing, and getting ready for her green belt grading. Andrew and James have been working hard and are almost ready for the Orange Belt Grading. Hopefully by the time this is published we will be teaching them all their new syllabus.

This year we started including some dynamic movement into our techniques as something different, with everyone enjoying those sessions. We have also included some blocking techniques, Uki, which made us think more about working in close. We will continue to work on this as we move into next year, and with Maca’s return with new-found knowledge, it should make for an interesting 2006.

Hughes branch has a history of losing our students to all parts of the globe, and 2006 will be no exception! Two of our white belts are moving to Sydney or Wollongong at the beginning of next year for Uni – so hopefully we’ll manage to line them up with our North Sydney Training Group. Ingrid and Claire will be moving to somewhere in Europe, at different stages of next year... perhaps time to set up a North Europe Training Group? ? Good Luck to all our travelers in all their endeavors, and hopefully we’ll see you back at Hughes sometime in the future.

We had 8 Hughes members attend the Senior Seminar this year in Coffs Harbour: Renchi Maca from Port Macquarie, Sam, Kris, Ingrid and Nat from our normal training sessions at Hughes, and Damon, Jeffrey and Nigel from our North Shore Training Group. Did you know? We WON the Basic Steps Competition! Why this year and not other years? We don’t know - we do it the same way every year. This year however was quite an exceptional feat, as due to the timing of the Sydney moves, the entire team had never done the Basic Steps together! Maca & Tuck reckon it’s the instructing the individuals in the team received over the years that enabled them to be focused, synchronized and technically correct. Just goes to show that when Hughes train someone, they stay trained! ? The real reason they won was that each member of the team are exceptionally dedicated students, who understand the Basic Steps, and also the cooperation required when working as part of a team. Congratulations Team!

L-R : Natt, Damon, Kris , Nigel, Sam(hidden), Maca, Jeffrey, Ingrid

Finally, we’d like to thank Shihans Roles & Eddie for their leadership and support this year. We also wish to thank the Committee and people who keep the club running, without their dedication to the club we would all be rather bored on a Wednesday night.

All in all a rewarding, successful year for the Hughes Branch. Hope to see familiar faces (and some new ones) in the new year. We won We won ? !!!!

Renshi David Tuckfield, Yondan
CI - Hughes Branch

Renshi Simon MacNab, Yondan
CI in absentia - Hughes Branch

December 2004: Hughes contribution to Annual Academy newsletter

Hughes has had a successful year this year with the kids class, about 15-20 kids every night, we have been keeping a lot of coloured belts for a change. We have now got some junior green belts, usually we seem to loose them at orange. We have had a number of kids leave, but quite a few beginners starting, and some students who have been away for a while have come back.

We graded 13 juniors at the end of this term 8 to yellow to 2 to orange and 3 to green. They all managed to pass well, some will need some polishing before their next belt, but all are prepared to put in the effort next year. We have some more to grade at the end of term 1 next year (hoping).

Unfortunately we had no kids attend either of the kid’s seminars due to unfortunate timings, most of the Hughes kids do a number of sports & on the days of the seminars they had other commitments

We had some certificates handed out this year.
Excellence in Tsuki & Geri Lachlan Smith
Excellence in Basic Steps Jon Mosslar
Excellence in Breakfalls Joshua Wright
Excellence in Techniques Alex McAlister
Most Improved Jack Overton
Best Overall Performance Natasha Fenton

It has been a really big help having a number of seniors of varying belts coming and helping out with the kids. We appreciate the help and I am sure the kids appreciate having more instructor time, even though they don’t always show it. We want to thank all the seniors who have come along and helped out.

This year has been a mixed one for the seniors, with some successes and some setbacks. We had a large intake of enthusiastic new white belts joining the club and our long-standing seniors Chris, Kris, Toy and Skye, as well as some regular visitors from other clubs.

Hughes started the year strong. However, an accident early in the year resulted in our brown belt, Chris, withdrawing from training with a dislocated knee. That incident spooked our keen group of white belt lads, and we dropped down significantly in numbers. It was very unfortunate as it was the first major injury we have had for many years. We work hard to avoid injury, paying particular attention to the importance of a proper warm up and advanced stretches and strength exercises to improve our limberness and stability. Typically our war wounds come from other sports – hockey, skiing and running, to name a few culprits.

Soon after, we gained Andrew and James as new beginners, we were very pleased to see them earn their yellow belts in the December grading. Skye at last graded to senior blue after being on junior green for 3 years, then being on senior green for another 2 years (nothing like dedication). Well done to all three!

We have continued the pattern that began last year, of attracting students from other clubs, particularly students looking to polish their techniques for grading. Our branch also contains students with backgrounds in a multitude of other martial arts as we encourage cross training. Martial arts of all different disciplines have something to offer, be it in fight methodology, stand-up sparring, ground work, agility or any other area, so we welcome different perspectives on our training to help us develop as martial artists. A good martial artist never stops learning.

At the Bateman’s Bay seminar Hughes put up a decent showing. Maca was out of town and unable to make it but Tuck led Kris, Nat and Toy down to the Bay, and our remote Hughes members, Damon and Jeff, drove down from Sydney for the weekend. Much fun was had, and we were all particularly impressed with the location and accommodation.

Next year we will keep the branch moving, we’ll be looking at introducing some new methods we have been working on, and focusing on some different aspects of training within the clubs framework

Hope to see familiar faces (and some new ones) in the new year.

All in all a rewarding, successful year for the Hughes Branch.

Thankyou to Toy, for assisting in writing this report.

Renshi Simon MacNab, Yondan
CI - Seniors
Hughes Branch

Renshi David Tuckfield, Yondan
CI - Juniors
Hughes Branch

February 2003: Annual Academy newsletter

If you want a printed copy please let your instructor know.


November 2002: Hughes contribution to Annual Academy newsletter

Another year has rolled on by, much like the others, and week-in week-out on a Wednesday night the Hughes Primary School transformed into the Hughes Dojo. The exercises have changed a little, but not the Suki. The faces have changed a little, but not the Geri. The Basic Steps have been called for the millionth time, and the mats slapped for the billionth! The techniques have been taught, and learnt, as originally set down by Master Sugita all those years ago, and respectfully recounted by Soke Morton. Eyes gleamed in wonderment as they learnt new moves, brows furrowed in confusion when disharmony appeared within the Club, and tears welled when we heard the saddest of news.

The Hughes Branch of the Academy was deeply saddened by a number of events in 2002. The departure of Shihan Sue Reid, Shihan Rob Toll and Shihan Barry Wilford, and the associated disaffiliation of the Port MacQuarie, Sawtell and Brisbane Branches, is one that had us wondering where the Club was headed. How could three great people, who have contributed so much for so many years, find themselves on such a different path to that of Soke Morton? We can only assume that distance and inherent problems with communication caused the rift, and as a Club we need to ensure this does not re-occur. Shihan Reid and Shihan Wilford were both life members of the Academy. Later in the year the Club experienced an immensely sad loss, with the passing of Shihan James O’Malley. James was a very good friend of the Hughes Branch over many years, and holds a special place in the hearts of our Senior members, and particularly our Instructors. It was James who, in a ceremony at Hughes Branch many years ago, presented Maca with his Shodan (Black Belt). Our thoughts are with Peggy, and with James’ family.

This year saw a continuation of the transformation within the Junior class. A number of the graded players moved on, however we had an influx of beginners at the beginning of the year, and yet more new starters as the year progressed. The kids must have had a great time – they just kept coming back – and bringing their friends! Early in the year a few of the crew went along to the Junior Seminar, again superbly hosted by the Kaleen Branch, and they had a ball! As the year progressed Tuck found himself up to his ears with eager kids. To lend a hand a few of our Seniors began helping out with the Juniors – a valuable experience for the kids AND for Toy, K and Nat!

The result of the year’s hard training was seeing roughly half of the class being graded in our last session for the year, held in December. Shihan Dave Rowlie and Shihan Eddie Scharrer (the Club’s Principle and Deputy Principle) presided, and the whole Class did us proud. Mathew Z, Thomas, Mathew T, Josh, Meghan, Samantha, Mathew F and Marissa all showed what some hard work, careful listening, and focussed practice can achieve. There were various standards of techniques displayed, however all Players excelled in the two-man attack – doing their techniques precisely, and demonstrating true “feeling”. Well done kids – keep up the top work! With a bit more work we expect to see more students graded early in the year, and the Club begin to fill in the Kyu ranks.

The Senior Class fluctuated throughout the year, with a number of new starters coming along for a few weeks at various stages and a few of our Kyu belts doing some “interval” training. We even had an appearance from one of our Brown Belts who has left Canberra, Damon dropping in for a much-missed work-out. Our stretching reached a new level this year with two of our students being involved in a pilot Stretching and Flexibility for Martial Artists course being run by Kit and Greg Laughlan at the ANU. K and Toy managed to rope Tuck and Maca in for the follow-up course – something muttered about pay-backs?

We hosted the first of the Club Gradings in 2002, with only one Player from a visiting Branch to be Graded. This meant we had an opportunity to train for almost an hour with an assortment of visitors, including a range of Black Belts & Black Belt Candidates (Brown Belts training for their Black Belts). A valuable experience for all concerned, the following week we workshopped some of the variations that appeared the previous week. Later in the year we attended the joint Grading at Kaleen, where we had two Players being Graded. Toy and K impressed in their attention to technique, and their Suki and Geri was outstanding – despite Toy collecting a careless kick to the head during Geri!

Late in the year we sent a small delegation to the Annual Seminar, superbly organised by the Evatt Branch. Our delegation included one of our interstate Brown Belts, Damon returning for the weekend, showing he hasn’t lost too much in his time away. There were many highlights throughout the weekend, with everybody taking some value from the experience. Early on the first day Toy injured her shoulder, requiring a visit to the hospital, and unfortunately impairing her participation for the rest of the Seminar. K was exceptional in the two-man attack competition, demonstrating the benefits of retaining composure whilst under pressure. Our Basic Steps were technically accurate, according to the demonstration that Shihan Rowlie and Shihan Scharrer gave, with very few minor alterations required to our form. Our coordinated timing was a little off – something that will be addressed with suitable attention in the new year. Early in the weekend we adopted Don Burow from Sydney, and it didn’t take too long for he and Damon to forge plans to commence training in Sydney. Hughes 2 will be further filled out when the other two Sydney-based Hughes Brown Belts join the training, which is currently run on Monday nights at Blacktown.

The 40th Anniversary dinner on the Saturday night was a truly exceptional evening, with so many old friends and respected members of the Club in attendance, including Hans who surprised us by arriving at our table – having not seen him in some years! The passing of the mantle from Soke Morton to Shihan Rowlie was completed on the night, in an emotional ceremony. The other highlight was Tuck being awarded his Yondan (4th Dan) – a well deserved reward for the many, many hours of patient teaching over many years – congratulations Tuck!

All in all a rewarding, successful year for the Hughes Branch.
Be Masters of Yourselves!

Renshi Simon MacNab, Yondan
CI - Seniors
Hughes Branch

Renshi David Tuckfield, Yondan
CI - Juniors
Hughes Branch




November 2001: Hughes contribution to annual Academy newsletter

It was a quiet beginning to the year for Hughes, not a great number of students passing through our doors. Averaging six seniors and six juniors each week. However late this year we have seen a good increase in our numbers, and in the last month have grown to twelve juniors and sixteen seniors. They just seem to be coming out of the woodwork. We are hoping they all manage to get through the Christmas break and continue coming.

Our Junior class is very much a family affair with two sisters & a brother, another brother & sister and their friends - a brother and sister, making up most of the class, so if one family doesn't show up, it greatly reduces the size of the class. We have had four new starters late this year and hopefully we will continue to grow. We had one Junior grading this year and all passed well. It can be difficult to get the kids ready for a grading, as every time they are almost ready, another holiday comes up. When they get back from holidays we seem to have to start again.

We had five students go to the Junior Seminar at Kaleen this year, and they all seemed to enjoy it, & learned a lot. These Seminars also test the instructors' knowledge, as they come back to class the following week with so many questions, … but they still can't master the shoulder roll.

Senior Class has been somewhat quiet this year. Once again very much a family & friends affair, until about mid year, when we have started growing, increasing our numbers to Twelve which has been quite a pleasant change. Hopefully the Christmas break won't be too much of a strain on them and they will continue to come next year.

We only attended one combined grading at Kaleen this year. We had five people grading of the eight attending. Two grading to yellow and three to orange, all passed well, however nerves on the day preventing some of them from showing their full potential. I am sure they will be out to show off in the next grading. We were also honoured this year with Simon obtaining his Yondan (4th Dan). We greatly appreciates his time and efforts, and believe this is reflects upon the Branch.

We were unfortunate to miss the Seminar this year. Most of our class being made up of Students on a tight budget, and myself and Simon with work commitments, made it impossible to attend. However we are looking forward to attending next year.

Hughes is the branch of no return… well sometimes. If you want to leave the country or just Canberra, come train at Hughes. We lost our two Brown Belts at the beginning of the year to Sydney and Adelaide. We have had students go to China, Japan, and England, other students, although not going far, have moved to Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane. So if you are feeling a bit like a trip, just come and visit us for a few months. It can be frustrating at times, we train them up to brown belt, thinking we have a black belt potential, and they leave town. We currently have two blue belts that will soon be grading to brown, so they are looking forward to their trips soon.

I'd like to take the opportunity to thank all our people behind the scenes of the Peter Morton Academy of Self Defence, the people who put the effort in to make the school what it is. The people involved in such things as sorting out the insurances, the incorporation, the Web page to name a few. The effort of not only to bringing things to our attention, but to co-ordinate it nation wide is very much appreciated.

Have a great year next year!

David Tuckfield, Sandan (3rd Dan)
CI - Juniors
Hughes Branch

Simon Macnab, Yondan (4th Dan)
CI - Seniors
Hughes Branch